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Artykuły » English version » Welcome to Szczecin's Argentine Tango Studio website!
Welcome to Szczecin's Argentine Tango Studio website!
We started this site to share and nurture our passion for everything tango: milongas, practice sessions, classes, workshops and tango excursions. We’d love to meet you. So come along to one of our regular milongas in Szczecin, to a tango lesson at the Tango Studio or to the International Tango Festival, which is held every year in November. We’ll keep you informed of upcoming events right here on this site. So bookmark this page for the latest news and information about everything tango in Szczecin.

Joanna & Krzysztof Golebiecki



New! Our latest tango show from Rostock (at the Milonga Rodolfo) on: www.


For photos: www.webalbums/archiv


MILONGAS organized by Tango Studio:


Every 1st Wednesday of the month - milonga at the Coprenicus Club Hotel Radisson Blu/ Plac Rodła 8 Szczecin, from 20.30 to ca. 23.15. Admission free. (Next dates: 02.01.2019? ).

(Every) 3th Wednesday of the month -  milonga at the Mała Tumska / ul. Mariacka 26/3, from 20.30 to ca. 23.00. Admission free. Next date: Christmas Milonga, 26.12.2018.

NEW! Friday milonga - details coming soon! 



More info.


Info. Joanna: tel. 0048 691 626 968             


All milongas in Szczecin: link




TANGO LESSONS in Szczecin:


New courses start in October!


Tango lessons for beginners/ elementary levels at the Argentine Tango Studio in Szczecin, ul. Kolumba 5 (next to the train station) are held every Thursday from 20.30 to 21.45.  (This is also designed as a refresher course to help remind you of the right technique.) The new course starts on 4th October 2018 but you  can always join the current course.


Tango lessons for intermediate/advanced levelsare held every Thursday from 19.00 to 20.15.


More info: Joanna, Tel. 0048/ 691 626 968, e-mail: 



Tiempo Para Tango Festival in Szczecin, November 2016


Tangosommer in Neustrelitz August 2016


Tango Workshops with Joanna & Krzysztof in Greifswald, Mai 2016


Tiempo Para Tango Festival in Szczecin, November2015


Tangosommer in Neustrelitz August 2015


Tango workshops with Joanna & Krzysztof in Neustrelitz, March 201




German-Polish Tango Camp in Neustrelitz 28-31 August 2014 with Naomi D'amour and Rudi Vega ("Tangotanzenmachtschön" Berlin) und Joanna und Krzysztof Golebiecki (Tango Studio "El Sitio Magico" Szczecin). More info: 


The 6th International Tango Festival "Tiempo Para Tango Szczecin 2014" is to be held from November 21 to November 23.


Our guest teachers were Diego Riemer El Pajaro & Natalia Cristobal Rive from Buenos Aires

We have also invited the famous Trio Central with Christian Gerber (bandoneon) to play on the Saturday Tango Gala.

For more festival info klick here...


5th International Tango Festival "Tiempo Para Tango Szczecin 2013" with Sebastian Posadas and Eugenia Eberhardt from Buenos Aires.


New Year's EveTango Party at the stunning Palace Przelewice near Szczecin.

Tickets ca. 200 zl / per head (includes New Year's Eve Tango Ball with tango favourites to be held in the Palace Ballroom, New Year's toast, all night buffet with hot and cold beverages and a delicious selection of hot and cold dishes). BYOB 

Start time Dec. 31 at 20.30 finishing in time for breakfast (brunch) on New Year's Day with a milonga.

You may book overnight accomodation at the palace (ca. 50 Euro for a 2 bed room) or at the hostel next door (ca. 20-30 Euro for a room / 3 and 4 bed rooms).www.ogrodprzelewice

To book your ticket for the ball and reserve a room, plese send us a mail to: joanna.kri1@ or call Joanna on 0048/ 691 626 968 

To see picures from New Year's Eve Tango Party at the palace Przelewice in 2010 klick here...

 For pictures from 2009 (including a picture of the buffet) klick here...




The 4th International Tango Festival Tiempo Para Tango Szczecin 2012 - See more...



The 3rd International Tango Sailing Cruise around Zalew Szczeciński (Stettinner Haff) took place from 06. to 10. June 2012. We thank all the participants!

Tango weekend with Susanne Opitz & Rafael Busch was held in Szczecin from Januar 13 to Januar 15. 2012.

Susanne and Rafael run the "Tangotanzen macht schoen" tango school in Berlin and will be visiting Szczecin for the 3rd time. So put these dates in your diary and don't miss the chance to meet this lovely couple, who are not only great dancers but also fantastic teachers.



Friday, 13.01.

20.00 - 23.00 Milonga at the Cafe "Cinnamon Garden" with Susanne and Rafael

Saturday, 14.01.

11.30 - 13.00 Workshop 1 "Ornaments for leaders and followers" (all levels)

19.00 Tango evening at the theatre (Teatr Polski) - concert with tango show and milonga - Tickets reservation:

Sunday, 15.01.

12.00 - 13.30 Workshop 2 "How to keep balance in pivots and turns" (elementary and intermediate level)

13.45 - 15.15 Workshop 3 "Dynamic movements, change of dynamic" (elementary and intermediate level)

19.00 - 22.30 Milonga at the Focus hotel

Workshop charges:

1 workshop - 15 Euro

2 workshops - 28 Euro

3 workshops - 39 Euro

Please note!

* To enrol for worksops 2 and 3 you need to have a partner

* Numbers of places are limited to a maximum of 15 couples per workshop. First come first served!

* Please enrol by e-mail:

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us by phone 0048 691 626 968 or by e-mail.

3rd International "Tiempo Para Tango Festival" was held  in Szczecin from November 18 to November 20. Taking part were four of world's best-known tango dancers and teacher from Buenos Aires: Alejandro Larenas & Marisol Morales and Sebastian Posadas & Eugenia Eberhardt.  There is already a special festival link where you will find all the latest news and information as it becomes available (see the sidebar "Tiempo Para Tango" - english version).


                                                  Alejandro i Marisol     Eugenia i Sebastian




2nd Polish - German Sailing Trip around the Zalew Szczeciński (Stettiner Haff) 22-26 June 2011

Our ports of call wereNowe Warpno -> Rieth -> Ueckermünde-> Wolin -> Trzebież -> Nowe Warpno. 



2011 spring tango workshops at the Argentine Tango Studio in Szczecin were led by one of the world’s best-known and respected tango dancers and teachers:Mariano Bielak and Paula Gurini from Buenos Aires, who were the stars of previous year’s International Argentine Tango Festival, held in Berlin.



Friday, 13 May:

18.15-19.45 W1workshop for all levels on Tango basics: posture, embrace, leading and connection (at the Studio, Kolumba 5)

20.00-24.00 M1milonga at the Studio with our guests from Buenos Aires

admission 25 / 20 zl * or 7 / 6 Euro* (BYOB; soft drinks available at the bar)

Saturday, 14 May:

11.30-13.00 W2workshop for intermediate and advanced levels on Tango vals: musicality and changes of dynamic (at the Studio, Kolumba 5)

13.15-14.45 W3 workshop for intermediate and advanced levels on Tango: Mariano and Paula’s favourite steps (at the Studio, Kolumba 5)

20.30-01.30 M2 Milonga with tango show by Mariano and Paula (starting around 22.15) in the Ballroom at theBuchalter building on Wojska Polskiego 27,admission 60 / 40 zl* or 17 / 12 Euro*

(refreshments, including wine, and snacks, available at the bar)

Sunday, 15 May:

11.30-13.00 W4 workshop for all levels on Milonga traspie (at the Studio, Kolumba 5)

19.00-23.00 following the departure of our special guests, we’ll be holding our regular Milonga Elegante at the Focus hotel, Małopolska 23. Admission free.

Workshop fees:

1 session (90 mins) – 70 zl per head (20 Euro)

2 sessions (90 mins each) – 130 zl per head (36 Euro)

3 sessions (90 mins each) – 180 zl per head (51 Euro)

4 sessions (90 mins each) – 220 zl per head (64 Euro)

* Reduced rate for workshop participants


Registration is required for all workshops along with the Friday and Saturday milongas.

Places are limited!

- Friday milonga: max. 60 participants

- Saturday milonga: max. 100 participants

- Workshops: max. 15 couples + 1 admin

Please note: You may sign up individually for milongas M1 and M2; however, you need a partner to enrol for the workshops W1, W2, W3 and W4!

To enrol, please send us an email:

not forgetting to tell us which workshops and / or milongas you are interested in(M1, M2, W1, W2, W3 and W4).

We will then send you bank transfer details, along with a final calculation of fees.

Once payment is received, we will send a confirmation of your enrolment.

The deadline for all payments is 10 May 2011.

First come, first served!

If you have any questions, or would like further information, please call +48 691 626 968 (English and German)

For more information, visit their website: